5 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Wearing A Wig

         Wearing a wig will make you look more gorgeous and stunning without damaging your natural hair. It can save you money, time when you want to achieve inspired looks. There are certain things you need to know that will ensure your wig keeps shining.

       1. Don’t wear it out of the box

         Many people wear hair extension immediately as soon as it arrives and this is completely wrong. During transport, wigs will get tangled or misshapen. After taking it out, you should comb, wash the wig so it can fit your style.

       2. Don’t use excessive heat

         Unless your wig says that it’s heat resistant, you shouldn’t use the high heat included hot water, hair curling machine, etc…. You know that both human hair and hair extension are really sensitive to heat. Before using your iron, make sure that it’s completely dry. You can add a heat protectant spray to keep it looking great.

       3. Don’t forget to comb

         You wear a wig and then you forget combing after hanging out a long day. You don’t want your hair tangle and it looks so bad. Please comb your hair diligently after each use. This will help your hair last longer as well as the hair will be more beautiful.

       4. Don’t skip wash day

         If you leave the wig without washing for a long time, it will become increasingly dirty or worse, lice can make a nest in the hair. Be sure that you take care of your wig regularly. Using shampoo and conditioner as you would remove dirt, bacteria from the hair extension.

       5. Don’t wear 24/7

         When you find the right wig, you might never want to take it off. However, it’s really damaging for your wig and your natural hair. It’s really important to take your wig off so that your hair can rest and your skin needs to be cleansed to avoid dryness and itchiness.

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