Secret Of Healthy Hair

          Vietnamese people often have a saying: “the tooth, the hair is the human angle”. And whenever, that saying is always true. That’s why healthy hair is very important for anyone. And below we will give some effects of healthy hair and some hair care methods.

      Benefits of healthy hair

          Hair is a very important feature for each person, expressing beauty, vitality and helping to make a personal mark.
          A smooth, fragrant hair can make love. The hair is combed and styled neatly to help the guys look more dashing. Through hairstyle, hair color, people express their own personality, not overlapping with anyone else. It’s a vehicle that helps express everyone’s fashion statement.

          In addition to the aesthetic effect, the hair also plays an important role in the human body.
          Thick hair helps protect the scalp, avoiding foreign objects falling directly. In addition, according to scientists, the hair also protects the scalp from direct damage from the sun. Specifically, when the sun shines down, heat and radiation will meet an obstacle – the hair, before affecting the human head.

          Another lesser-known use of hair and body hair is sexual attraction.
          Each person is attracted to a different mate pattern, in terms of length, color, the position of hair, body hair. A certain amount of hair and body hair amplifies each person’s unique scent, thereby increasing the chances of mate pairing.

          This may sound hard to believe, but to make it easier to understand, we can take an example as follows: there is a guy who is infatuated with young ladies with long, soft, traditional black hair, there is a gentleman who only loves short-haired girls, dyed with an outstanding personality. Or, there are women who like men with short neat hair and smooth beard in the style of Korean actors, on the contrary, long-haired, bearded men like actor Jason Momoa in the role of Aquaman also make countless women fall.

      A few ways to take care of your hair 

          First of all, living habits are very important
In some cases, rapid hair loss and rapid hair loss can be a sign of serious diseases. These can include gastrointestinal or thyroid problems, hormonal disorders, stress, and diabetes. Therefore, taking good care of your health is the way to protect your hair.           Choose the right hair care products
          Your choice of shampoo and hair products is very important for hair care. To avoid harmful consequences, make sure that shampoo and other hair care products are suitable for your hair type.


          How to use hair care products such as shampoo, conditioner,… in the right way is also very important
          You must not only choose the right products for your hair and scalp but also know how to use them properly. This way, the product can be promoted and achieve high efficiency in hair care.

          In short, here are some of our opinions on hair. Hair has many different uses, especially for humans. That’s why taking care of, protecting, and beautifying your hair is extremely important, regardless of gender.

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