How To Distinguish Body Wave And Loose Wave Hair?

How To Distinguish Body Wave And Loose Wave Hair

          Nowadays, women have hundreds of hairstyles to wear on their head. They come to hair extensions for various choices because women change their hairstyle at different events and occasions. Besides normal straight hair, curly and wavy hairstyles have become tempting attractions to many women. Especially name on the list, body wave and loose wave have conquered all women because of their natural curls. Every girl is confident in their sexy and charming movements. No one can say no to these hairstyles. However, many people find it difficult to tell loose wave and body wave apart. This blog will help you to find answers and get further information about each style. 

      I/ What is body wave?

          As its name lets us know its characteristics, body wave is made in a deep “s” pattern on the whole hair bundle. It’s shiny and soft, so you can get a natural feel when touching the hair bundle. Moreover, body wave style allows you to freely straighten or curl to achieve whatever look you desire. Its function on your head is so good that no one can realize you’re wearing hair extensions. Body wave extensions are suitable for all women from different races and backgrounds. Most women fall head over heels with this style as hair extensions can blend perfectly with their natural hair. 


          Compared to loose wave hair, body wave bears the character of straight and curly waves whose curls have a more relaxed appearance. Its versatility makes a contribution to attracting lots of women.

          Body wave hair has always been the top priority for those who love simple hairstyles. About advantages, this style has flat strains and easy maintenance. If you love dramatic colors, you can bleach or dye your hair bundle without shedding a lot. 

      II/ What is loose wave?

          Loose wave is regarded to be incredibly wavier and curlier in the wavy extensions world. In comparison with body wave, it has smaller and tighter curls. It is its unique natural curl that makes it become women’s preference. Loose wave hair doesn’t shed off, so it can bounce like your natural hair when attached to your head. With its thick and uncracked ends, it’s also fluffier than other hairstyles available in the market. 


          Thanks to its high quality and shiny characteristics, you can color loose wave hair that doesn’t impact badly to its defined curls. However, according to experts in hair beauty, we shouldn’t bleach loose wave hair. But loose wave hair is so handy that you don’t use styling tools.  

      III/ What are differences between body wave and loose wave

          Both these two hairstyles rock all women with their 100% virgin human hair materials without chemical treatments that bring them glamorous wavy patterns.

  1. Body wave is less voluminous than loose wave. Therefore, women who love bouncy curls will be dying for loose wave. 
  2. In terms of strands, strands of body wave are more closely designed with less bouncy than loose wave. 
  3. Body wave is the best choice for those who like soft curls.   
  4. Some people prefer loose wave to body wave because it is more versatile in styling and better to hold the curls for long hours.
  5. If you’re a lover of straight hair, surely you will not like loose wave hair due to its bigger curls. 
  6. Body wave hair is easier to loose curl and turn straight over time as a result of frequent washing than loose wave hair.  

body wave- loose wave

          When our readers reach here, maybe some wonder what hairstyle is suitable for them. The answer comes from your experience, just trying them because each has pros and cons. Despite their differences in style and other minor aspects, both help add value to your natural hair. Sometimes, it depends on events or occasions to choose which style.  It’s up to you as long as you feel confident when wearing it. If you have appropriate care, curly hair extensions can keep a good shape.

      IV/ Body wave and loose wave hair at Bibo Hair 

          With their outstanding characteristics, loose wave and body wave hair are popular among every charming lady in the beauty world. For many women, the first thing to do after waking up is to care and style their hair. However, styling your natural hair in loose wave or body wave hairstyles every morning wastes much time. Even, you can’t reach the curls that you desire. Therefore, loose wave and body wave hair extensions are the best choices. But where to buy beautiful hair without shedding and tangling?           Bibo Hair is honored to provide you with loose wave and body wave featuring 100% virgin human hair and various colors.

Our loose wave

          The hair has small and tight curls but it’s not too tight 

  • Made from high-quality virgin hair, loose wave bundles have a high luster and perfect shine 
  • You can color in any tone 
  • Don’t need tools to style because our workers make perfect defined curls that are hard to loosen   

Our body wave 

  • Flat strains designed from virgin-luxurious hair 
  • The hair is a must-try for those who prefer to take the straightforward route with hair
  • It can keep its curls for a very long time as long as you take care of it well. 
  • It’s easy to maintain and wash
  • The hair is very natural without shedding and tangling 
  • Coloring and bleaching are allowed, but you should minimize them to protect your hair 

          Bibo Hair guarantees that we always sell good quality hair in a wide range of styles, textures and colors that fit your budget. Don’t hesitate to contact us to get further information right now. 

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