The Difference Between Bone Straight And Natural Straight Hair


          Bone straight hair and natural straight hair are very familiar to every woman, but not everyone knows that the difference between bone straight and natural straight hair is based on four factors. Please follow us to find out.

      I/ Overview

          Although both bone straight and normal straight hair are straight, their characteristics differ, resulting in two distinct looks:

          Bone straight hair: This bony straight haircut is highly straight and it will straighten quickly if you style it. It is called “straight bone” because of its straightness. It is of high quality as it is not chemically treated and is only heat-steamed to soften and smooth it


          Natural straight hair: This hairstyle has natural straightness like real human hair.


          Both of these hairstyles are pretty popular with girls. Straight hair and normal straight hair both have straight lines, however, they are not the same. To know which hairstyle is best for you, you must first understand the difference between straight, straight hair and normal straight hair.

      II/ The difference between bone straight and natural straight hair

          Many people have these two hairstyles, but not everyone knows the difference between straight and straight hair. So in the next paragraph, we’ll analyze for you four factors: texture, price, popularity, and usage.

       1. About texture

          With the naked eye, you can tell the difference between straight and straight hair based on texture.

          Bone straight hair is smooth, flat, and extremely soft and not everyone knows how to keep it straight, while the texture of the hair is usually a bit coarse. The soft, silky smoothness of this straight hair type is due to the good quality of this hair, it has not been chemically treated, and it only needs simple heat absorption to make the hair softer and smoother.

bone straight

          Because of its incredibly smooth and straight properties, bone straight hair will remain silky and untidy even while walking in the wind. Conversely, normal straight hair will have the same features as human hair, so it will be a bit coarse and not as smooth as straight hair.

          One difference is that ordinary straight hair is suitable for curling, while straight hair with bone is not. When curling your hair with an iron, the bone-straight hair texture is difficult to curl and will straighten quickly. Normal straight hair, on the other hand, is perfect for curling as the hair remains in curl.

          So bone straight hair is that straight hair has very smooth, flat, and shiny bones, while ordinary straight hair looks like human hair and is the perfect balance between smooth and slightly wavy hair. Natural straight hair gives a more full and fluffy look than other hairstyles.


       2. About the price

          The difference between straight hair with bones and regular straight hair also depends on the price of these two products. Since the textures of these two hair types are different, the cost will definitely change which is completely understandable.

          The reason for the price difference between straight and straight hair is that straight and straight hair takes more production stages than the other, more production stages, and therefore requires more labor and labor. straight hair is also smoother, so the price will definitely be higher. In Bibohair factory Vietnam, with bone straight hair, we only charge $ 3 more than the natural hair price list for all lengths. Great!!!

       3. About usage

          There’s a lot about the difference between straight hair with bones and ordinary straight hair based on how they are used, but we’ll focus on the two most important.

          The first difference between straight and straight hair is normal hair bleaching and curling. Bleaching on normal straight hair is easier than on straight hair and hair care after bleaching is not easy either. Since normal straight hair has not undergone any treatment, the cuticles are still intact, the hair is still healthy, so bleaching becomes simpler. As mentioned before, it is not recommended to use bone straight straightening hair because the hair is very straight and smooth, making the hair straighten quickly after curling. On the other hand, ordinary straight hair is the ideal hairstyle for curling. This hair can be curled and held for as long as real hair.


          The second difference between straight and straight hair is their use on special occasions. Straight hair with bones is the perfect hairstyle for luxury occasions and formal events when you need an elegant and charismatic look. This hairstyle will make you look elegant, attractive, and expensive. On the other hand, normal straight hair is for everyday use, extremely convenient, and still young and beautiful. This hairstyle is very suitable for outings with friends, family, coffee dates, and picnics, this is a hairstyle for outings with friends, family, and coffee dates. , picnic, every day.

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