Tape-in Extensions – Why I Should Buy Them?


          In the last decades, we have witnessed ingenious hair trends thanks to the wizard of modern technology. One of the most favored hair extension methods on the list is tape-ins. Due to its easy and quick installation, tape-in extension has undoubtedly become a must-have item for all ladies all over the world. Despite its popularity, not all of us have a deep understanding of this unique method. In today’s blog, we are going to provide our beloved readers with some in-depth information on tape-in extensions. After reading this article, you’ll grab reasons why you should purchase tape-ins to make beauty. 

      I/ What are tape-in extensions?

          Tape-in extensions have come to light with many other names such as tape hair, tape-on, tape hair extensions. Although you call it by any above name, all them refer to the method which uses 1 inch wide wefts covered at the the top with a paper tab to attach to the hairline. The adhesive tape is a soft medical glue that has no harm on your scalp. You can easily apply it by peeling the tab away. 

          Tape-in extensions are available in multiple textures, colors and lengths. This permanent hair extension can improve your hair’s length, volume and natural beauty. They match your own hair perfectly without being noticed.


      II/ Who are tape-in extensions used for?

          Most hairstylists and experts in the hair extensions market agree that tape-ins have conquered everybody’s hearts. Especially if you own weaker hair which is thin and fragile, tape-on is the best choice for you because it’s a gentle attachment.

          However, we don’t recommend tape-in extensions for those who have a dry scalp. Tape-in adhesive strips are extremely sensitive to moisture. Therefore, if your head is deficient in moisture, tape-ins aren’t suitable for you. If you try to use them, you may suffer from hair breakage. 


      III/ What are the advantages of tape-in extensions?

      1. Natural-looking effects

          When you wear tape-in extensions, no one can realize their existence. People just know that you become more gorgeous and make compliments. Tape-ins are invisible, soft and thin with a discreet attachment. 

      2. Don’t harm your hair

          Tape-in extensions won’t feel heavy or slide off due to their 2-3 gram weight. If someone worries about her fragile and/or damaged hair, forget it because tape-ins have a perfect function. 


      3. Easy to remove

          Nowadays we can use a special remover, removing the extensions is a piece of cake. 

      4. Easy to reuse

          Don’t throw tape-in extensions away when it’s time to remove it. It’s a good idea to purchase refill tapes in order to reuse them. This method both protects the environment and saves your budget.


      IV/ Where can I buy tape-in extensions?

          Tape-in extensions have come in various styles, colors and textures, so choosing them makes you stressful. Many hair experts advise customers to go to a hair salon or consult a hairstylist. Another quick way is visiting our website Bibo Hair Vietnam where you can find multiple products and contact us on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook and so on. Our staff is always willing to give  you the best support until it can meet your demands. 


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