The Difference Between U Tip And I Tip Hair Extension

u-tip-and-I-tip hair extension
          Keratine has recently become one of the most popular hair extension procedures. We can use a hot tool to glue each piece of keratine to natural hair instead of sewing hair extensions to genuine hair, allowing the wig to stay on the hair for longer. Keratine comes in a variety of forms: Let’s discuss the differences between U Tip and I Tip Hair extensions, the two that most people are familiar with!

      I/ How to distinguish U tip & I tip hair extension

      1. What is U-Tip Hair Extension?

          The U-Tip extension, also known as the “hot combo”, is one of the most popular extensions used by hair professionals today. The hairdresser will pre-position the keratin and fix it into the hair through a curling iron or hot iron.
          U Tip hair extensions are made of the strongest keratin available on the market. It may be necessary to cut off the keratin tip to remove excess keratin. These extensions are a professional product and due to their hardiness, they should only be applied by hair professionals.
          If you feel the heat from the hair extension iron will damage your hair, don’t worry. The temperature is lower than that of a standard flat or curling iron. The straightener hair will only touch your hair for a few seconds and the job will be done.

      2. What is I-Tip Hair Extension?

          The I-Tip Hair Extension is a recent development in the world of hair care. They are made up of many hairs that are fastened together at the top. Unlike U-Tip extensions, these are applied without a hot iron and require no glue or heat to apply. Therefore, they are very popular among women who do not want heat on their hair. So if you feel U-Tip hair extensions will damage your hair, use I Tip hair extensions! However, for the I-tips to stay fully in your hair, you must have medium or thick textured hair.
          I-Tip hair extensions are also known as “cold match” extensions, “shoelace ends,” or “flashpoint” extensions. They are applied to the hair through a puller such as a hook or a loop. This tool pulls the hair through a micro circle. Microphone rings are mostly made of aluminum or copper. The hair specialist will then insert I-Tip hair extensions into these micro-rings. Next, the rings are compacted and flattened with special pliers. This is called the “compression” process and it keeps the extensions in place.

      II/ How Are U-Tip and I-Tip Extensions Different?

      1. Types of hair

          U-Tip extensions require clean hair, free of hair care products and dyes before the heating process. If you have a problem, with knotted and twisted hair that is already fragile or damaged, look to other hair extensions, such as the I-tip, which is suitable for most hair types.

      2. Damage

          U-Tip hair extensions might cause heat damage (although negligible), whereas I-Tip hair extensions can lead to tangling, snarling, and extremely tough removal, especially for women with rough, curly, and springy hair.

      3. Value

          U-Tip hair extensions are cheaper than I-tip micro-loop extensions, so if you still can’t decide which one to choose, you can consider price as a deciding factor.

      4. Removal time

          Since hair professionals do not use glue, heat, or chemicals when applying for I-Tip extensions, the time to remove these extensions is minimal, taking about 1 hour. On the other hand, hair professionals use acetone-based products to remove U-Tip hair extensions, so the removal process takes a little longer.

      5. Tools

          The I-Tip hair extensions use aluminum or copper micro-rings to hold the extensions in place. In contrast, U-Tip hair extensions are applied using fusion iron for hair extensions to melt the keratin in the hair.

      III/ The Similarities between U-Tip and I-Tip Extensions

          Both I Tip and U Tip hair extensions are classified as “combined” or “pre-bonded” extensions that are fastened to the natural hair using different adhesives and tools. It takes a professional hairdresser about 3 to 4 hours to apply them to the hair.
          I-Tip and U-Tip extensions are considered semi-permanent and can stay in your hair for up to 4 months. However, like all hair extensions, how long the hold will last will depend on your hair type and growth.
          The process of managing and treating I Tip and U Tip hair extensions is quite similar to taking care of your real hair. With these extensions, you can use the same hair care products you normally use. However, both extensions will need to be repositioned as your natural hair grows in, every 3 to 4 months.

      IV/ U Tip vs I Tip hair Extensions:  Which One is Right for You?

          When it comes to buying hair extensions, there are many things that you need to consider before making your final choice. Do you feel comfortable applying heat to your hair? More than that, you should consult your stylist and ask them if U Tip or I Tip hair extensions would be better and better for your hair. Remember that in the end, the choice is yours because you know your hair better than anyone.

      V/ Conclusion

          We hope that through this blog we have been able to provide you with the necessary information you need to make an informed decision about the hairstyle that will be right for you.
          To learn more about the different types of hair extensions or get advice on which one to choose, visit today. At Bibohair, we aim to bring you the best quality hair extensions at affordable prices! Have a nice day!!!

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