Why Do Popular Woman Loves 18-Inch Straight Hair


         There are so many choices to have a good hairstyle. A long straight hair will bring you so much benefit like: You will look splendid and you can always fall back on straight hair to get noticed when you attend any party with a long straight hair or any hairstyle with 18 inches like wavy, curly or bun hair. Simply, you will look like a long hair princess on Carnival, and honestly, no straight prince can skip a flashy of a beautiful princess. Have you ever wondered what is 18-inch straight hair looks like? Then, here we provide you basic information about 18-inch straight hair: the definition, characteristics, source durability of 18-inch straight hair. We hope this article helps you to choose your suitable style.

      1. What is 18-inch straight hair

          Straight hair: There are a host of types of straight hair: Single Drawn Hair, Double Drawn Hair, Super Double Drawn Hair. As a whole, straight hair is one of beauty simple type which helps you to save time to take care of. Sometimes, you can change your hairstyle by using styling tools and products. It helps you to shine between the party or your holiday time.

          18-inch straight hair: with the same hair length, different hairstyles have a great impact on how long your hair appears. Obviously, you can see its actual 18-inch length in its entirety if your hair is straight.

     2. Characteristics of 18 inches straight hair

          To discover all about the characteristics of 18-inch straight hair, let’s dig into the top 5 features. They are about the hair length chart, hair length in body height, hair source, hair restyling ability, and popular hairstyles. As you see, hair of 14 inches is long over the shoulder, hair of 16 inches is supposed to reach your mid-back, and hair of 18 inches is to reach to your elbow. Consequences, hair of 18 inches is not too long or too short.


     2.1 How long is 18-inch hair length & hair chart

          The length of hair is measured from the hair root to the hair tail. This is a perfect medium length that is suitable to create all hairstyles and fashion vibes. In case you want the conversion of the length into centimeters, here is the hair length chart to consider. You will see that 18-inch hair is equal to 45cm.

     2.2 How long is 18 inches of hair in body height

          Besides hair length in exact measure, you can also consider hair length in terms of body height. The 18-inch straight hair is supposed to reach your elbow. However, it also depends on your height and body proportion or your hair features that the hair can look different. It can be longer or shorter than your elbow. In general, it still looks medium, not too long or too short.

     2.3 Source of 18-inch straight hair

          Where to buy 18-inch straight hair? There are 3 largest Asian exporters of straight hair worldwide, they are Vietnam, China, and India. Vietnamese is one of the tropical countries with various foods that contains good vitamins for hair like A, C, D, E, and Vietnamese woman has a lifestyle so healthy. Vietnamese food is quite bland and it is not spicy like Chinese and Indian food, moreover, we say no with alcohol, cigarette – bad effect actors with the strength of hair… and they are the reason why Vietnamese woman hair is strong and silky. With the state-of-the-art technologies, rank at the top about both quality and quantities of exported hair, we are nice to introduce you our products. In the diverse market with multiple choices of hair products, with our experience of over 10 years of development in the hair business, we are efforting to improve the product and service quality as much as we can to meet customer’s demand all over the world.

     2.4 Can I bleach and dye my hair?

          The question is: “Can I bleach and dye my 18-inch straight hair?”. Our products are divided into 2 parts: Virgin hair and Remy hair. Virgin hair of Vietnamese women is naturally straight and healthy enough to apply chemical effects, then you can bleach and dye any color if you want. But Remy hair is made from the hair of 2- 3 heads, so its quality hair is not the same, besides can be used chemical so can’t be dye to blonde.

Load more ATTACHMENT DETAILS 18-inch-straight-black-hair18inch-straight-hair_highlight

     2.5 Hairstyles with 18-inch straight hair

          Whatever color it is, your straight hair will surely be shiny under any circumstances. We suggest some of the most gorgeous hairstyles with 18-inch straight hair:

Flipped out straight hair: Despite being a little messy at the end of your hair, it still seems elegant. You haven’t wasted time every day thinking about the hairstyle we will make today.

Straight Long Black: If your natural hair is not long or rich enough, you can always use faux ponytail hair that you can attach to your natural hairdo. You only need a hairband to have a hairstyle of Ariana Grande

Long Straight Hairstyle for Thick Hair: A gorgeous platinum ombre will show off if you choose to wear your hair straight. For the back hair, use a small section and create a loose knot. It will gorgeously decorate this outstanding gradient.

Wide surface braid: This is one of the most charming styles for straight hair. It may take you more time to have an agreeable style but I bet it will be worth it.

Highlight: It will be a great combination if your dark straight hair is mixed with some light strands. This trend is never foggy throughout the centuries.

Half-up hair: There are a lot of styles that come with half-up hair. It can be a flower, a hairpin…that will definitely make you look special.

     3. Where can I buy 18 inches of straight hair?


          As you know, thanks to good weather and healthy lifestyles, Vietnamese women’s hair is super smooth, supple, and silky. Besides, the prices are of the most reasonable range in the market. Vietnamese hair is a highly recommended choice. We are – Bibo Hair confident to say that with over 10 years of development in the hair business, Bibo Hair is trying to improve the product and service quality as much as we can to meet customer demands all over the world. Beyond high-quality hair, our mission is to inspire confidence and empower you to look and feel your best.

          If you looking for straight hair products, let see more on our website: Product category

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