How Long Is 16 Inch Straight Hair?


          Which length of hair do you want to have? Many girls like long hair because it is obvious that various gorgeous hairstyles can be created with long hair but it’s hard to take care of. 16-inch straight hair is super ideal but it is not for everyone, follow us to make the best use of your straight hair. So what exactly is 16-inch straight hair? How long does it take for hair to grow 16 inches? Let’s find out together!

      1. What Is 16 Inch Straight Hair?

          16 inches of hair are equal to 40 centimeters and is a great length for a medium-length cut. They are usually used as a reference point when we talk about hair extensions.


      2. How Long Is 16 Inch Straight Hair?

          With the same hair length, different hairstyles have a great impact on how long your hair appears. You can see its actual 16-inch length in its entirety if your hair is straight. As you know, the 16-inch straight hair usually extends to the middle of the armpit and the back, and with the 16 inches wavy and curly usually extends to shoulder level. So 16-inch straight hair is not short and not long. It is just right!

      3. How Long Does It Take To Grow 16 Inch Straight Hair?

          Many factors affect the process of hair growth stimulation steps as well as the strength and shine of the hair. The first factor is heredity. You have thick, thin hair, thick hair (stands) or thin silk, partly influenced by genes. A strong hair, when looking at it, we will see the shine, silky, soft, and strong hair.


          For women, hair plays an extremely important role because it has a great influence on appearance, so it should be given special attention and care. According to the statistical results, when tested on 10 women, the average woman’s hair will be about 1.5-2cm per month, provided that you have a standard care regimen as well as a reasonable diet (living). Along with that is to minimize the harmful effects on our hair such as curling, drying, styling. When you sleep, you need to remove and stroke your hair upwards, do not press it on your hair, comb your hair regularly with an ivory comb (or something with natural oils, the action of the comb stimulates the scalp to help hair growth.

      4. How To Grow Hair Up To 16 Inch Fast?

          If you want your hair to grow faster than the prescribed time, then you can apply the following effective hair care measures:

– Food supplement with protein and vitamins

– Stimulate hair growth with natural ingredients (coconut oil, vitamin B1, onion, beer, …)

      5. Some Types Of 16 Inches Hair Extensions

          If you can’t wait for long hair we can resort to 16-inch hair extensions. There are many various types of hair extensions on the market, so we’ll go through some of the most popular options so you can choose the 16-inch length that best suits your hair.


          Based on collection methods, we have a variety of 16-inch straight hair types.

          + Straight hair extensions

          + Straight hair sew in

          + Clip in straight hair extensions

          + Tape in straight hair extensions.

      6. 05 Steps To Take Care Of Hair Extensions Simply And Effectively

1 – Clean the hair properly. Hair extensions can be cleaned just like we wash our real hair and can refer to some shampoos below:

2 – Untangle the hair

3 – Protect the hair every time you use it

4 – Preserve your hair after each use

5 – Restore the hair when it’s not in place

      7. Where Can I Buy 16 Inch Hair Extensions?

          Please refer to the link: Outstanding Vietnamese Hair Suppliers In 2021 


      8. Conclusion

          Above is some information that we learned about 16-inch hair for your reference. Hope you choose the hairstyles that you love, and the hair care methods we mentioned above will be suitable for you. Thank you for reading, have a nice day!!!

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