How To Choose A Wig For A Cancer Patient?


           Before beginning radiation therapy, most cancer patients always select an appropriate wig to replace their natural hair for an extended period. Finding a wig might be challenging for some people since they don’t know how to pick the proper hair color, length, or style. Now, read the essay below to make the best decision, or maybe the most beautiful and proudest option for you.

       I. Prepare to shave your head before wearing a wig

           Many cancer patients are encountering hair loss or thinning which is the potential side effect of undergoing treatments such as chemotherapy. Along with the concerns about their health situation, you are still confused about how to shave your head before wearing a wig. The obvious question is good preparation.

           First, you should have a barber who gets on well with you because some patients feel shy when exposing an unfamiliar one. You don’t hope that a stranger is the first person to see their changed appearance. Second, it’s crucial that you keep both before and during the shaving process. If your mind is unstable, the hairdresser can unintentionally make your head’s skin hurt. Last but not least, you need to pay attention to barber tools. You should use a men’s clipper which is called a zero and will give you a five-o’clock shadow. It’s advised that a standard (non-electric) razor is a no-no, which can cause ingrown hairs and irritation. Even, you ought to find a specific razor used for shaving cancer’s scalp.


       II. Choose a wig to match your style

           The state of each cancer patient after chemotherapy is different, it can be mild or more intense. However, hair loss is likely to last for a short time because hair gradually regrows. Until they can get back to their initial hair, they choose a wig as a temporary solution to make them feel comfortable. For those who have never tried wigs or hair extensions before, selecting a wig seems problematic. Many concerns are related to its textures, sizes, colors, how it fits your head, how it feels, how it costs, and so on. Here are some tips to help you choose a suitable one.


       1. How to choose a perfect wig

           It is a good idea to buy your wig before your chemotherapy begins because you can have a good preparation for hair loss. You can consult a stylist or a hair-extension vendor to choose the one matching your face. The first choice is that you follow your current hairstyle and color. Or you can change yourself with other styles thanks to various textures, colors, and types of wigs. The best way is to give the vendor your head size or show him/her a picture of the wig type or color you want. Moreover, there is a vital thing you can’t ignore is the kind of lace. Your scalp is quite sensitive after cancer treatments. Therefore, you should choose a high-quality lace that sticks to your head firmly.

       2. Consider synthetic wigs and human hair wigs

           Obviously, natural hair wigs are made from collected human hair. So they look, feel, and function like your real hair. While synthetic wigs are produced from man-made fibers probably make you allergic. Although its design mimics the overall appearance of real hair, it is unable to be treated in the same manner as a human hair wig when it comes to styling.


           To add, human hair wigs require much more maintenance and a high price. However, synthetic wigs with less maintenance are favorably chosen by many wig buyers who have a low budget.

           For a new wig-user, you can read this article to know the difference about synthetic hair and human hair: Human Hair Vs Synthetic Hair – How To Distinguish      

       3. Where to buy a wig for cancer patients

           To help make the purchasing decision easier, why don’t you visit a specialized wig shop? If the shop knows how to work with cancer patients, it will be willing to give you advice and assist you with the target of making you feel satisfied with your wig.


           Bibo Hair Vietnam is proud to be a big hair extension in Vietnam. We have experience dealing with hair-loss customers, especially cancer patients. Many people need our help when they feel depressed with their appearance after chemotherapy. Bibo Hair Vietnam is honored to be your companion in a specially hard stage . Our wigs come in a wide range of natural-looking styles and colors. We provide natural straight, bone straight, and various wavy, curly textures as well as natural black, ombre, piano, and other colors. Moreover, we can also customize to your requirements, so you just need to contact us via Instagram or Whatsapp where our staff give you professional advice. In general, there are multiple choices to make sure your chosen wig is both comfortable and trimmed or accessorized.

       4. Learn to wear and care a wig

           It is a fact that cancer can come along with lots of changes in both emotion and appearance. Nevertheless, if you choose and wear a wig correctly, your complexity doesn’t suffer much. Some new wig wearers put it too far down on their face, while others wear it too tight. Wearing a wig is so simple. Here are the basic steps.

Wear a wig cap if you need.

  • Pin it up on your head by stretching it over from the front to the back.
  • Push the front of your wig cap back until it fits your natural hairline.


Put on the wig.

  • Before putting the wig on, hold the ear points on the side of the cap construction with both hands and set the label at the top.
  • Blend your head forward and put the front of the wig just above your eyebrows.
  • Using the hooks inside the wig to fix it

Cut the lace and glue it. (in case you use a wig with weft hair at back)

  • Slowly cut the lace right along the hairline.
  • After setting the wig on your head, add glue or tape along your hairline.

       5. Be confident!

           We sympathize with the hardships that cancer patients have undergone after chemotherapy and hair loss. However, you always look on the bright side because this situation only occurs in a short time in your whole life. Sometimes it isn’t worse than you thought. When you first wear a wig, it comes beyond your expectations. You become a new and attractive person. We’re sure that everyone around will love your hairstyles and even ask you where to buy them. Everything will get better, just smile and enjoy your life every second, every minute, and every day.

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