Human Hair Vs Synthetic Hair – How To Distinguish


        With the continuous development of the hair extensions market, you can find a lot of suppliers in many countries around the world, and if you do not equip yourself with in-depth knowledge, you can fall into a state of lost money. That’s right! A lot of people have bought synthetic hair instead of human hair. So how to distinguish two of them? To avoid being scammed, we have compiled a number of visual inspection methods that can be performed by yourself at home.

     1. Styling test

        Hair extensions can be styled the same as your own natural hair. They can be straightened, curled, waved, or any hairstyle you like. Synthetic hair will be difficult to style and after styling will not look beautiful, it may even melt, crack if you attempt it.

     2. Cuticle Test

        This is the outermost layer of the hair fiber and is colorless. The bond between the cuticle layers acts as a shield to protect the hair from chemicals and bad agents from the outside environment. This cuticle can be broken if too many chemicals are applied to the hair. Healthy human hair always has cuticles.
To test, pick up a hair sample and stroke it from root to tip. When you stroke virgin hair, you will feel a slight resistance while synthetic hair does not.

     3. Burn test

        This is an extremely popular and traditional test. Human hair usually burns with white smoke, produces ashes, and has the smell of protein while synthetic hair burns with black smoke, smells like plastic, foul, acrid odor, and turns into sticky clumps.


     4. Bleach test

        In addition to the burn test, testing with hair bleaches can easily help you recognize human hair and synthetic hair.
        To test bleach, take small strands of hair and apply it to them and then wrap them in cling film. Wait for 30 minutes. Hair extensions made from human hair will turn yellowish/orange while synthetic hair will keep its original color.

        Note that when you bleach remy hair, it won’t look like virgin hair, it will turn a little brown/blond and after bleaching may not have an even color because this hair type has been chemically treated before.
Whether you’re a longtime buyer or a first-timer, it’s best to buy from a company that offers returns and exchanges. For example, our company, Bibo Hair always allows customers to buy samples and supports customers to return them within 7 days from the date of receipt. Remember to check the quality of your hair thoroughly before ordering in bulk.

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