Pros And Cons Of Offline Store

         Online shopping has drastically changed the shopping behavior of many customers, especially for shopaholics, but that doesn’t mean in-store shopping is dead. A lot of entrepreneurs still choose the traditional business to start up and they have been successful. With this article, we will show the pros and cons of Offline store.

     Advantages Of Offline Store

      Personal touch

         There are some parts of customers who are afraid of buying online for a variety of reasons: not the right size, the product received is not satisfied, the picture is different from the actual product, etc. So, going to an offline store may take their time but in return, they can feel the quality of the product and do not hesitate to pick up their wallet!

      Reach a wide number of customers

         Whether you open a brick-and-mortar store in a central city or in the countryside, no matter who passes through that area, your store will be seen, and that will increase your chances of converting customers. Among the thousands of brands that are opened every day online, opening a brick-and-mortar store is a way to increase brand awareness.


      No shipping time

         Customers don’t need to wait for your products to receive goods for a long time, all they need to do is go, buy and charge.

     Disadvantages Of Offline Store

      Manage the operation

         You need to be at the store at all times to manage things like inventory, staff work, customer care, etc., not to mention if the store is far from your home address, you will lose quite a while to get to the store.

      Higher costs

         One of the biggest obstacles that businesses often face is the rent of the premises. And along with other costs such as store decoration, electricity, business insurance, including property, inventory, fire, etc… you have to balance these costs with the revenue of the product.

      Not sale 24/7

         For some regulations in the country, the store can only open at a certain time instead of operating 24/7 like an e-commerce platform. If you have enough budget and good executive ability, do both of these businesses to boost sales and reach higher customers.

         Regardless of the form of business, they will all have their own advantages and disadvantages. You can also think of a way to combine these two forms, which are currently being applied by many large and small businesses to make the most of their potential. Hope readers will find for themselves a suitable business form as well as having a smooth and convenient sales job.

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