The Truth Behind Single Drawn And Double Drawn


          Those of you who have ever bought human woven hair must be curious about single drawn hair and double drawn hair. When you order hair extensions, you may come across two phrases that you may not know what they mean. They are single drawn hair and double drawn hair.

      I/ What is Single Drawn Hair?

          Single Drawn Hair: Each hair bundle is taken from one contributor and then placed in a weft. The only drawn weft thread simulates the real hair we have. It is really thick at the base with some weathering as well as thinning towards the finish. A single drawn extension is one of the most popular extension types due to less processing work involved and also being inexpensive.

          Many people want their hair to be square, thick from head to tail, and they also won’t think of a one-time pull as a top-quality product.

          For other clients, they choose a single painted hairstyle due to its completely natural surface. As you realize, with the natural hair that grows from our scalp, each hair will not grow out differently. Hair will come in different sizes. That’s why, for clients looking for a natural finish, single-drawn hair is the ideal choice for them.

          The price of single pulls is often lower than double or double pulls which are extremely attractive. However, if you wish, you can also cut a little at the end of the single pull, as the hair can grow out considerably.


      II/ What is the Double drawn hair?

          The double hair extension has the hair removed shorter by hand, the craftsman reduces the finished hair by hand so the complete package will continue to have the same volume from top to bottom, then the hair will definitely be sewn in the same direction. horizontal.

          This procedure will enhance the quality of the hair extension and may give you a fuller appearance. Naturally, you will pay more for double pulled hair extensions, better quality, as well as quantity absolutely, will last longer.

          The Double Drawn hair weave is the absolute highest quality hair weave. Hair held to equal length develops a really smooth and refined look. Double Drawn Virgin Hair is more expensive for its product, but we believe it’s worth the investment. Each hair is the same size, so you will get thick hair from root to tip. You’ll pay more for double extensions, and the quality, volume, and length of your hair will outpace single extensions.


      III/ Double Drawn Hair & Single Drawn Hair, Which Are Better

          We want to discuss their differences right away: Single drawn hair and double drawn hair. We mainly distinguish both of them from the aspects of adhesion, hair end, hair tip quality, hair length, hair accumulation source, hair cost, as well as their advantages.

      1. Hair Ends

          Single Drawn hair: hair extensions cover multiple lengths of hair, this will definitely make the final section thicker at the top, slimmer in the middle as well as thin at the end. While the double-drawn hair is of equal length from the inside out. Thick hair as well as regular finishing. So the double tow ends are thicker.

      2. Hair quality

          Double Drawn hair is the finest quality woven hair. The hairs are arranged in equal lengths to create smoothness and shine.

      3. Hair Length

          All human hair grows in cycles. While some are in development, some are inactive. This is why there are so many dimensions in one draw. Single Remy hair just indicates that much shorter hair was actually selected, it’s 2 or 3 inches continuous. As a result, if you have a hair size of 18″, some hairs will inevitably be as short as 14.16″.


      4. Hair Collection Resources

          A double-drawn hair is always made from several strands of benefactors’ hair. It cannot be made from a single donor hair. Many bundles of hair pulled in pairs look thick, as well as the same density from the top to the bottom of the hair pack.

      5. Hair Cost

          Single-drawn hair is one of the most typical hair extensions on the market because it takes less effort to process as well as to manufacture, so the cost is lower. You will certainly pay more for raw hair with a double-drawn, but the quality, volume, and longevity of your hair will far exceed that of a single extension.

      IV/ Where to Order Double/ Single Drawn Hair Extensions?

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